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How to change automated email when scheduling new Meeting


When I schedule a new meeting and save it, I automatically get a pop up email with the invitation link included. I want to change the email that is being used in the automated email, can someone please tell me how to do this? I have two outlook accounts and its not using the once associated with my Zoom account, its using another email that is rarely used but is my assocated with my Microsoft ID. Can anyone please help me change it over. TIA Kimberly



Step 1: Click your profile at the bottom left corner, and choose Auto Join Meetings.

Step 2: Find Auto-join Zoom meetings and select Join all calendar events with Zoom link from the dropdown. The assistant will automatically attend all Zoom meetings on your calendar on time




Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi Kimberly,


zoom recommends use of Outlook add in to schedule meetings. Here are the steps and the article after that:

To install Zoom for Outlook on the Outlook desktop app, you must have a Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 account added to Outlook.

Verify your account type

  1. Click Outlook on the macOS menu bar and select Preferences
  2. Click Accounts to view the account(s) you are signed-in to. 
  3. Verify that at least 1 account says Exchange or Office 365. 

If you only have an IMAP account, use Zoom for Outlook on the Outlook web app.

Install the Outlook add-in

  1. Open Outlook and sign in to your account.
  2. Switch to Mail view, click the ellipsis button 


    , and then select Get Add-ins. Outlook will open a browser to manage your add-ins.
  3. Search for Zoom for Outlook, or switch to the Admin-managed tab to view add-ins made available by your account admins. 
  4. Click on Zoom for Outlook and then click Add

Now that the add-in is installed, learn how to schedule and edit meetings through the add-in

How to install the add-in for Outlook (mobile app)

  1. Open the Outlook app on your Android or iOS mobile device. 
  2. Tap your profile icon in the top-left corner. 
  3. Tap the settings icon 


     at the bottom of the panel. 
  4. Swipe down and tap the Add-ins option.
  5. Swipe down to find Zoom and then tap the + button to add it. 

Now that the add-in is installed, learn how to schedule and edit meetings through the add-in


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