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Failed to register your phone number.


Update pushed, still no fix to "Failed to register your phone number. Please check your network connection and try again." On Samsung 22 ultra running One UI 5.1. 


Tried uninstalling, reinstalling, resetting network, using mobile network, restarting phone, using desktop to add phone number, etc. No use. Recaptcha fails on my OS and won't allow phone to be registered. I'm trying to start a family update chat for my mother who has terminal cancer. This is her preferred platform despite all the issues. Please help.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

I was recently notified of this behavior as a result of entering an incorrect captcha resulting in registration failure. In order for the Zoom engineering team to identify the issue and provide a resolution, a Zoom Problem report submission is needed. I have tested this on an Apple device with all requested permissions during installation enabled except for Face ID. Visual and Audio captchas are not matching as already mentioned by other users. When you enter the incorrect captcha or phone number, therein the problem occurs. Any attempt to register will fail even if you sign out of the app or when you uninstall it completely. There is no workaround and replication is easy but it will cause your device to fail registration EVEN if you were successful before. In my case, it worked the first time and after following the steps done by other users (wrong phone number, incorrect captcha response) - even doing the correct method fails to register my number. 

I will be adding the replication confirmation steps to our engineering team with my submitted report. If you have a Zoom account, I encourage you to open a Support ticket  and submit a Zoom Problem report from your App.

I will be working on this internally to ensure a solution is found, your assistance in submitting tickets and reports will help us in identifying the issue faster with a bigger data sample to analyze.