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Cost of using zoom with license outside the US




I will be working from Europe and my manager is concerned that there will be an additional cost associated with me using my company-issued zoom account from outside of the US. Is there a cost associated with hosting a meeting from a country that is not where the license is billed too? If we have a business account is there a limit to the amount of meetings I can host in a billing period?




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @gigi_2023.


No, there's no additional costs based on geographic locations of hosts or attendees, assuming your attendees all connect to "Computer Audio". 


If your attendees want to dial in by phone, either:

  • The meeting host has to enable countries from which dialing in is permitted AND sign up for a "telephone conference plan" for which charges will be made and invoiced to the host's organization.
  • Attendees can dial phone numbers which are indicated in the meeting invitation and pay their own long-distance charges, if any.

I highly recommend NOT setting up phone audio access for international meetings, as the costs are likely significant.

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