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Contacting zoom - urgent


Can anyone tell me how can I contact zoom directly? I have an urgent matter to resolve, I tried to post on community but I received "0" response". I would like to talk to a real zoom consultant on the phone or be able to email or chat to one.

Best regards,






Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

Hey there! Here are a couple of options:


  • Submit a ticket using this link or;
  • You can also call for support at +1.888.799.9666 (Assuming you're in the US - you can refer to this link if not. The number can be found at the bottom of the page under the "Phone" section) l SUPPORT EXT. 2

Thank you. I am not in the US and I already tried the second option you suggested by asking a question in community but received "0" response to my request for several days now. So now I submitted a request using a ticket with a link you provided. Zoom ascribed me 4 priority level. I wonder how these priority levels are assigned. If my matter is not resolved in the next few days, it will be too late. :(