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Consolidating Account


I have my own work-related Pro account. My company has invited me to consolidate my account into theirs using an extra license they have available. Following the provided links, all APPEARS to work until I receive an automatic email from  Zoom informing me my account was cancelled however the consolidation didn't take effect. I SUBMITTED AT TICKET on Friday of last week, but have heard nothing from Zoom Tech Support.


Here's a message I sent them today (Monday 3pm):


"Request #17042152


We are still attempting to consolidate my existing account with my company’s account. Our Company representative at our home office emailed me:


I can now see a bunch of your recordings on my list, but I can’t actually see the recording because it’s telling me I wasn’t the organizer. I resent the invitation to join the business account. I’m hoping things will merge now.


I attempted to use the link on the invitation on the email my company manager resent me. However, I still get an email notification from Zoom that the consolidation failed. It seems to me the error is somewhere internal on your end which can’t be rectified by either Dale or myself.


Please advise!"


As you can see, we seem to be getting conflicting info. Anyone have any ideas how I can get Zoom to address this before they attempt to renew my subscription on May 1??