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Cancelling meeting from one account to enable it to be used in another account


One personal account (A) sponsored a meeting with ID # 123 . Account A wanted to close their account as of 4/30/2023 midnight. Thus assuming that meeting id # 123 would be closed as well.  So personal account (B) is wanting to open a new meeting taking on that ID# 123 to maintain continuity for the elderly attendees to that meeting space.  Account B assumed, once Account A was closed the ID #123 would be closed and the actual number would be available.  


Is that true?

Time is of the essence as this meeting # is used on Tuesday/Thursday mornings at 10am EDT

feedback or direction would be greatly appreciated.



Sincerely, Kathleen 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @KGEORGENS / Kathleen. 

If account A has a already been closed, your only option is to create a new meeting (which will have a new Meeting ID)  and send out a link to participants.


If Account A has not yet been deactivated or deleted, there is a process for reassigning Meetings to another user. It’s a little complex, but is described in detail here: 

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