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$354 bill to Zoom? For what?


Yeah this will be pulled immediately by Zoom...   I don't use Zoom.. (I don't even know who they are!)

But they got a hold of my credit card and are charging me $354...  ??   For what!?   I called my credit card company and they say...   Yeah... Zoom!    You are getting royally screwed!    Nope can't stop the transaction!   I tried calling Zoom, and I get the vaguest dumbest customer support represtantive..   I ask "What am I being billed $354 for?"  She can't answer.. I have no invoice no purchase order of that size?!?    "Sir!  I can't help you..."    I mean what is my involuntary $354 going for??  There's no order or nothing!  Just identity theft by Zoom..  (I can't explain it as plain as day!)    Don't buy from Zoom.  You'll be sorry!  I'm down to my last credit card that hasn't been compromised. (Oops.. it's been compromised!  Seriously!) 


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @SpotterMCE sorry for your experience; this should not have happened! I see you have a billing ticket open with our Zoom billing support. I would recommend that you continue to receive support from the agent in order to resolve your issue. Thanks!

Zoom Community Moderator

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