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Error en inicio de la cuenta


Al ingresar a mi cuenta me aparece  el mensaje "Error al recuperar los datos del usuario" y me deriva a "Perfil", ¿a que se debe ello?.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hola @lamb18 

Voy a responder en ingles; usted puede usar un traductor online si no compreende esto mensaje.

Where do you get this error, when starting the Zoom App or accessing the Zoom Portal ( via a browser? You say that after the error you are directed to your Profile, but can you see your details or can you access other areas or functions of Zoom after the error?
And do you get any error code together with the message?
Have you tried the steps and actions described in Troubleshooting sign-in issues ?

My questions are just to try and see if I can provide some additional help, by trying to find a possible known cause, but if the error persists and you can't login in the app nor in the Portal, or you can't work with Zoom, then you should contact Zoom Support in case you have a paying plan/account for them to check what is wrong with your account.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

@lamb18 forget my reply, I didn't notice this was for Contact Center