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Whiteboard problems.


I'm attending classes which use the Whiteboard function, all is usually well, although from time to time whiteboard just cant open. my connection is a-okay, zoom is updated, permissions are all there. It comes back with the error: "Failed to load page ErrorCode:-2000 ErrorMessage:Time out when requesting "RefreshTokenResponse" s-code-130868c94a-1697473300297". Not sure what to do, it's getting really annoying 😞



Did you solve the error? I'm having the same issue and it's stressful


Same problem here as well.  (Disappointing, because usually Zoom "just works" which is exactly what separates it from it's competitors, and exactly why I use it.)

@Forlornos Hi, they might be different issues, would you mind providing a screenshot of the problem that you are faced with? 

I didn't grab a screenshot when it happened, but did grab the text in the dialog that appeared, which was:

Connection Error
Unable to load this whiteboard
Time out when requesting "RefreshTokenResponse" (-2000-42100) (s-code-e3a6511fda-1711331011222)

By the way, our workaround was to share the whiteboard using the web site instead of the app. But obviously that's awkward because screen real estate cannot be as well managed that way.

Hi @Forlornos Could you kindly tell roughly when you experienced the problem ("Time out when requesting "RefreshTokenResponse" (-2000-42100) (s-code-e3a6511fda-1711331011222)")

I got that error in the evening of March 24.

I've been using the basic version of Zoom for a few years now. Whiteboard shared by host used to load perfectly fine until a few months ago (roughly march/april 2024?). 
Now, whenever the host starts a (new style) whiteboard, I get a similar message ==> 

Unable to load whiteboard. Time out when requesting “RefreshTokenResponse” (-2000-42100) (s-code-3ea724de9b-1715073051963). 
Strangely enough, the last few times I have been able to see what's being written down on the whiteboard, but only behind the pop-up window (which is blocking most of the view).
Also, when following the same meeting with the Zoom app on my android phone, I can see the whiteboard. 

Since I need to follow and type at the same time, I prefer to follow the meeting on my laptop. 
Have any solutions been found to this problem yet? 
(wanted to add a screenshot but was unable to)

Thank you