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I need help with the whiteboard!


I am a tutor. I am getting so frustrated with Zoom I am thinking of cancelling my subscription. I cannot invite my students to collaborate, they can't write, type or annotate on the whiteboard. They can't even see a bar. The videos and the photos on here do not match up to what I have on my MacBook. I can't change the settings. I need someone to get in touch and help. I just paid the extra subscruption as I thought that was the issue but it clearly was not. 


Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

Hi @Daisy270609 , sorry for the inconvenience :(. Can you check a couple things? 

  1. Ensure "cloud sharing" is enabled and set to include external users. Account settings -> Whiteboard -> Cloud sharing: Palmer_0-1711388831898.png
  2. To have other students follow you, click on the "follow along" icon in the top right corner of the screen to make everyone follow you as you present: Palmer_1-1711389078585.png


Does this help at all?