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Cannot collaborate on the whiteboard


Hi. People in my meetings cannot collaborate/ edit on my whiteboards.


In the meeting settings, I have whiteboards enabled.


However, the default access level is stuck at 'invited users' and does not allow me to share with 'anyone'. This seems to mean participants can only be viewers.


It doesn't change whether I toggle the basic whiteboard setting (in Meeting settings) to 'whiteboard by default' or leave it with the classic whiteboard.


The ? note says that the admin has disabled 'anyone' but I am the the only user of this (paid) account.


Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee


I do not have the option of  'whiteboard cloud sharing'.  Below is what I have, and see above for what I seem to be stuck on with default access level:

Allow export of whiteboard content

Users can export in PDF, PNG, CSV formats
Host and Participants
Host only

Allow participants to share whiteboard

By disabling this setting, nobody else except the host can share whiteboards during the meeting
Who can start sharing when someone else is sharing?
Host Only
All Participants
Who can initiate new whiteboards in the meeting?
All whiteboards created in meeting will belong to the host except in Shared Zoom Rooms.
Host only 
Internal users 
All participants

Out-of-Meeting Whiteboard

Allow export of whiteboard content

Users can export in PDF, PNG, CSV formats

Whiteboard Sharing Defaults

These sharing settings will apply by default when a new whiteboard is created.

Default Access Level

Who can access:
Only Invited Users
Access level:
When "Only Invited Users" is selected, the access level is chosen for each user when added.

Default advanced sharing settings

Users can share at or below their permission level
Internal Users can share with external users
External users can invite others

Whiteboard Retention

Auto-delete specified Whiteboards

Whiteboards will be moved to Trash in specified number of days. Learn more

Other Settings

Show disclaimer when creating or opening a whiteboard

Create your own disclaimer that will be shown at the start of creating or opening whiteboards by your account.

Hi @Hevah , Please login  your admin account and then you can change these settings.


Admin setting looks like this:




Sub-user/Sub-account setting looks like this :




OK. I have found it. What I needed to do was scroll down to 'account settings' in the main menu on the left when looking at my account, rather than 'settings' in the first block. It's a matter of looking for the right 'settings'. NB you might want to point out there are, in fact, two places to edit the settings, not one, when giving help rather than talking about signing into a different account. I'm sure there are many users, like me, who are the only user of the account, which they set up. We do not all belong to giant organizations. It doesn't help that 'account settings' is not immediately viewable but hidden under a menu item called 'account management' either.