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Zoom chat window repositions when using 'Search / Jump To' box


I have my zoom chat window open on the bottom section of a vertically rotated monitor, with the window at about 1080x700 pixels in size, positioned to be touching either side of the screen and the task bar at the bottom, however when using the new 'Search / Jump To' box, it will reposition the window by about 10 pixels up and to the right, meaning the window is no longer touching the bottom task bar, and is slightly hidden off to the right of the screen.  If I close the search box and reopen it then the window will stay in the new place,  but if I reposition it to be touching both sides of the screen and taskbar at the bottom and go to use the search again, then it will return to being moveed 10 pixels up and to the right.


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @c_whittaker ,


You didn't mention the OS of the computer but did you try to rotate the monitor horizontally for comparisons? If the issue still exists, my suggestion is to contact Zoom support directly