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Whiteboard issues with Apple Pencil with new Zoom update


Recently Zoom was updated creating several issues for me. I have confirmed that this is not just an issue for me. All updates have been made on my end, but to no avail. Here is what is happening ... When I use the whiteboard with an Apple Pencil, I am unable to change the color simply by clicking on the color options. If I don't use my Apple Pencil, then the color change works properly. However, as soon as I use the Apple Pencil, the color pad only works if I first click on the "T" then back to the pencil and then to the color pad. In addition, the eraser on the whiteboard sometimes erases parts of the board that the eraser isn't even near. These issues did not occur in the past. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this? 



Yes, the new update has run amuck in many ways.  I'm getting similar pencil issues - having to tap multiple buttons to change the color, plus, my client can no longer use the pencil at all!  So annoying, but at least I know I'm not the only one experiencing this.  If you jump on "toolbar" issues with the new Zoom update, you'll find more issues there, too, including the sporadic eraser issues. 


I hope they will fix these issues very soon.  I don't know why they attempt to "fix" things that aren't broken.