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Scheduled meeting opens in New Outlook instead of old outlook


Hi, I am facing an issue. Please help. While scheduling a new meeting It ask for ICS file each time I schedule a call which automatically gets opened in new outlook instead of old outlook. I remember when first time it happened it asked me to choose whether scheduled meeting to be opened in new outlook or old outlook, I selected new outlook and since then I am facing the issue. However I am not able to figure out how to change the selection back to old outlook ? so that when I schedule a new meeting in zoom it opens meeting details in old outlook instead of new outlook


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



If I understand ypur issue correctly, this is an operating system issue, not a Zoom issue since you are having trouble associating programs with file extensions.


1. Right-click on the file;

2. In the context menu, click Properties;

3. In the Properties dialog box for this file, click Change;

4. In the top Recommended programs field, you see the programs that normally come into question to open this type of file. Mark the corresponding record by clicking with the mouse. Alternatively, you can also look for other suggestions in the Other programs field to find possible applications by clicking on the small arrow next to the separator line. But in general this is not necessary;

5. Click OK. The file association is changed immediately.




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