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Feature Request: Support for Unique Calendars per Schedule Link in Zoom Scheduler


Current Limitation: Currently, Zoom Scheduler allows the creation of public links to let others easily book meetings based on my availability. This feature is immensely helpful, but it restricts all bookings to a singular primary calendar across all schedule links. Although the system efficiently checks for conflicts across all my calendars, it confines the booking of appointments strictly to the primary calendar.


Feature Request: I suggest a feature enhancement that would permit assigning a specific, unique calendar to each individual Schedule Link. This capability would allow for more detailed management of where meetings are booked, catering to the diverse organizational needs of different areas of one's work and personal life. For instance, I could use separate links for my personal calendar and for various business calendars, ensuring that meetings are booked directly into the correct calendar without the need for subsequent manual reorganization.



  • Enhanced Organization: This feature would greatly aid in the organization and management of different types of appointments across multiple calendars, eliminating the manual labor of sorting and reorganizing meetings.
  • Greater Flexibility: Particularly for those of us with intricate scheduling demands or several active projects, this feature would provide a much-needed solution for more customized scheduling needs.
  • Improved Efficiency: Automating the process to book meetings directly into the appropriate calendar based on the specific link used would save significant time and decrease the likelihood of scheduling mishaps or overlaps.

Implementing this feature would significantly bolster the Zoom Scheduler's capacity to efficiently manage schedules, offering a higher degree of customization and control. I look forward to feedback from the community on this suggestion and to hearing if others have similar requirements.