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Attendees not seeing meeting link in their portal


I have scheduled a series of meetings with my team and included them at attendees. For some of my team, when they log-in to their zoom account, these meetings are listed there however for others, they arent. I have doubled checked spelling of the email addresses. All attendees use the same format email address as from a work account. There are only 8 of us in the meetings so shouldnt be an issue of capped numbers. I know I could integrate our emails however as these links are to be available at any time, I am reluctant to use this integration. Some of my team arent great with technology, so want them to be able to click on the zoom app icon and the meetings be there straight away whether it be from their PC or their ipad. The inconsistency between attendees is the part that has me stumped. Any theories? Any tips for getting these meetings listed in their zoom accounts? 



If the meetings are inconsistently populating for your attendees it may be worthwhile to send a reminder with the Zoom link to avoid any confusion. You could copy the link and email it to your attendees. There are also a host of scheduling apps that can do this for you. One option available in the Zoom marketplace is Salepager, that sends reminders for Zoom meetings.