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sound to go through in-venue speakers, not device sharing screen


Muting the source device's speakers to reroute audio to venue's speakers is a problem.


1.  MACs often need an audio jack with male connectors at both ends to keep the laptop's speakers from producing sound in addition to the venue's speakers. Yet, even this did not mute the 15 year old QuickTime video someone created and tried to share screen to the in-venue and remote attendees. 

2.  Could not get presenter's iPad to join the meeting and screen share (don't know if they have the same problem with sound as item 1 since I cannot connect them)


CURRENT PRESENTATION SET UP: Presenters arrive with their presentations on their own devices, join the Zoom Room set up by the administrative staff of the HOA, and share their screen. Some have embedded audio and or video clips and some access audio video clips from the regular sources (YouTube, etc.) or irregular (15 year old self-created QuickTime videos) All classes are live streamed and recorded.


BACKGROUND: Since 2014, I've been doing AV for my club in my homeowner's association (4000 homes, 6000 residents, 5 venues in which to put on events and classes). One of the clubs that employs me puts on classes (3 different presenters a week presenting classes as short as 2 weeks to as long as 8 weeks at a time. We have Fall, Winter and Spring sessions. Over the 10 years I've gone from PPP and Keynote via VGA, HDMI, and since reopening after COVID we've switched to Zoom Webinars/Meetings. Given the number of other clubs and meetings utilizing Zoom simultaneously, the HOA requires utilizing Zoom Rooms.

Our HOA has invested over $200,000.00 to upgrade the venues which have their own cameras, projectors, movie screens, and Bose speakers.


Have any ideas?




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

First things first.

MAC = Media Access Control [address]. Also used frequently in conversations about computers - not a computer.

Mac = shorthand for a computer running Mac OS.

Zoom Rooms = software designed for a room appliance/PC/Mac for large spaces.

Zoom Meeting = the virtual 'meeting room' that exists on the Zoom platform.



Are you using Zoom Rooms or Zoom Meetings/Client/Workplace?

How are your Macs sharing content to the Zoom Room? Wired ingest or wireless?