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Poly ATA 402 with Analog Paging system: Dialing inconsistencies?


Hi all,

I've been having a real head-scratcher of an issue and can't think of anything else. I'm relatively new to telephony and these systems, but recently we migrated to Zoom phone from Avaya. In our environment we have a few analog lines for a paging system, I believe the model is a Bogen PCM2000. How it worked was the line was assigned an extension. On any desk phone, you would call the extension, it would give a confirmation beep prompting to select your zone (00 for all, 01 for first floor, 02 for second floor, etc). We have 3 zones. You would dial 00 and then the paging system would play an announcement tone and then let you make your announcement. 


Since moving to Zoom, instead of using the analog line back to our MDF, we are using a Poly ATA 402 that is directly connected to our network switch, and an RJ-11 line coming from the ATA plugging into our paging system. According to other documentation I've seen, I believe the configuration is set up correctly, with the RJ-11 going into the station port on the Bogen, switch set to CC/LS instead of VX/GS, and the other switch set to station and not trunk. In this configuration I am able to dial the extension with a desk phone I also have connected to our network switch and get the confirmation beep to select a zone.


The issue I'm having is when I dial 00, nothing happens, almost like it doesn't register. I've tried different speeds, I've tried waiting different times to do it, doesn't work. If I keep pressing 0s, it will eventually register and activate the page, but it is wildly inconsistent. Sometimes if I dial 0000, it will activate, sometimes its 000000, sometimes if I do 00, then wait 5 seconds, then press 00 again, it'll work, etc. For the life of me I cannot figure out why it's doing this. A zoom rep talked previously about DTMF issues, which I believe. He sent me a provision template to bind to the ATA from Zoom as well as a template to bind to the Yealink phone, mostly looking like it's identifying a minimum dtmf length and gap. However, these did not remedy the issue and it is still wildly inconsistent.


If I plug the old Avaya analog line back into the paging system and call the number associated with it, it works as intended. It's only when hooked up to the ATA that I have this issue. The Poly is attached to an extension within zoom just called "building A paging". I feel like the issue lies with the ATA, but I'm not sure if there's something I'm missing on the zoom end that might be affecting it. Anyone else experienced a weird situation like this? Thanks for any info provided.






Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

Hi  DylanSwartz1,


Please see attached bogen model pcmtim telephone interface module for bogen pcm2000 zone paging system manual.  Please confirm this is the unit you are plugging the rj11 cord from the poly ata 402 rj 11 port.


Please see page 6 of the manual which shows switch setting ‘STATION’ and where to plug the rj11 plug from the poly ata 402 (RJ11 jack under switch setting).





 Please also see pages 17 and 18 on how to page a zone.


Did my response answer your question? If so, please don't forget to mark the reply as an accepted solution.


thanks,  eliot


yes I've looked at this, that is how I have it configured and page 17 and 18 tell you how to page zones, which hasn't changed since we migrated. that is all working, the problem is when trying to put in the page code for a particular zone (example, 00 for all zones), for some reason I cannot figure out, the DTMF codes do not register with the paging system, as I dial 00 at varying speeds and nothing happens. But sometimes If I do 0000 or 00, wait 5 seconds, then 00 again, it will register. I've never been able to have the same "code" work twice in a row, so it is wildly inconsistent. My goal is to make it consistent like it was on the Avaya system.

Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi dylanswartz1,


please see attached Poly ATA 400 Series Parameter Reference Guide
PVOS-L ATA 4.0.1.


i suggest asking bogen and poly if they have recommended poly ata 402 settings for bogen's telephone interface module for bogen pcm2000.


you might also check to see how the avaya analog line is configured and set the poly ata with same configuration.


sorry i cannot be more helpful.