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Phone system audio issues


Hi There - I am having significant audio problems with my Zoom audio phone system.  I typically use a decent quality sennheiser over the ear headset with a mic but have also had the same problem with blue tooth sets.  I can hear the party on the other end quite well and the quality sounds good, however I get complaints all day long from various different partis that they have trouble hearing me - cuts in and out or sounds distorted, blurry, echoey,  - A lot of different descriptions, but same problem ...they cant understand everything I am saying.  


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

If you don't think the issue I with your headsets, it sounds like an issue with your network perhaps.  Do you know what upload and download speeds you should be getting?  Cable broadband often has very low upload speeds that can get congested.  You can call *8378 from Zoom Phone to test audio yourself and also try a speed test and see what your upload speed and jitter/latency look like.

Thanks Brandon - my download is 100 and upload is 107 - I have fiber and its pretty reliable.  Thanks for the tip about the *8378