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Phone System Management Does Not Load




I've been trying to access the Phone System Management option for the last 2 hours, and it just shows the loading icon next to the menu option and nothing happens.


I have tried it from two different accounts and different browsers as well, but still nothing. The Chatbot was unable to be of any help.


There is an urgent setup that needs to be done, but it's being delayed due to not being able to access the menu.


Would appreciate if this is rectified. 




Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi najira,


i was able to access Phone System Management from zoom this morning from las vegas, nevada.  are you still having this issue?  if so, i suggest you open a support ticket.


thanks,  eliot

Hi Eliot,


Yep it started working about an hour after posting this. I couldn't find the ticket area, hence why I posted here. But looks like things have resolved itself as such.