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My SMS Campaign still not active after 8 days of applying


Anyone here can you let me know how can I resolve this issue


Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

@Abdul786 Please refer to this support article - Zoom 10DLC campaign registration delay.

@crissyd That support article is months old, what is the current backlog, We are being blocked by this requirement and timeline

@JP647 Yes, approvals for 10DLC campaigns are experiencing delays due to carriers carefully reviewing each campaign. To expedite the process, ensure that your campaign submission aligns with the 10DLC checklist. After making the necessary changes, including those to your website, kindly submit a ticket to Support to prompt the review of your 10DLC campaign. Enter the following:

  • Request Type: Technical Support
  • Priority: Low
  • Subject : 10DLC Campaign Nudge Request
  • Description : Share your 10 DLC Campaign IDs and the date you submitted the campaign as a part of the ticket
  • Product: Select Phone or Contact Center (depending on your campaign)
  • Area: SMS
  • Attachments: Add a screenshot of your pending campaign.
  • Click Submit.