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Deskphone background image


Is it possible to put a custom background on a desktop phone using the web portal?


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi eleet,


Some Grandstream desk phones support “Wallpaper”.

System Settings 🡪 Preferences


Wallpaper Source

Configures the location where wallpapers are stored. It can be set to Default, Download, USB, Uploaded, or Color Background.
It is set to Default.

Wallpaper Server Path

Configures the directory or file path of wallpaper.

Upload Wallpaper

Sets the option to upload a wallpaper, Must be in JPG or PNG format. 500 KB or smaller.

Color Background

Enter a color to use in HEX format.

e.g. #000000


GRP261x/GRP262x/GRP263x/GRP2670/GRP2650 Series - Administration Guide - Documentation Center (grands...


Some Poly desk phones permit you to customize your phone – changing your background.

Poly Edge E Series Phones User Guide (


You may also be interested in provisioning templates.

Configuring desk phone provision templates (


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thanks,  eliot