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Call Queue calls are going straight to voicemail


We have a few call queues that we use for daily operations. One particular call queue is doing odd things. This call queue uses a Main Auto Receptionist that routes to our customer care line. The most frequent issues are:

  • Call shows up on screen for a split second, then disappears. Nobody answered it, because they did not have time to do so. This has happened several times.
  • Call shows up for me, but does not show up for anybody else. The call eventually comes through the queue a few times, and it shows up for someone. 
  • Call does not show up at all. It shows in the logs as a missed call, and ran through the queue several times.

We have double checked the auto receptionist's routing, employee call queue status, and employee settings. All look exactly like they should.



Another separate issue: One of our employees is getting a Network Not Available error message in the middle of every phone call. It will drop the call each time.


Any help would be much appreciated, as I am fairly green to these issues. Thanks in advance!


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

your post indicates you have checked most of the components except the settings on the call queue. 


you may consider reviewing the call queue support articles and comparing your customer care line queue  to your other call queues that work properly.  since your customer care line is fed by your main auto receptionist, you may consider reviewing the support articles on autoreceptionist as well.

Managing auto receptionists – Zoom Support

Managing call queues – Zoom Support


Network Not Available error may be a network related issue.  zoom phone has a Network Diagnostics feature that may help in diagnosing the issue.  please see attached screenshot.  you may need to get support to enable this feature.

is this employee getting the network not available message:

1,  connected to the internet through the same network switch as others who are not experiencing this issue? 

2,  what zoom phone device is being used, for example, a poly or yealink desk phone, a windows pc client or a mac client on a pc?   if the employee is running a zoom client on a pc, check the pc including other programs consuming cpu and memory, possible issues with the network patch cables and the network interface card (nic).

3.  run continuous ping over the day to verify that there is no network problem such as packet loss.

Contributor I
Contributor I

Which call queue routing algorithm are you using?

How long is it set to ring each agent?


Do you have an overflow setup in the queue?