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CSV import to Zoom issues(E.164 number)


I am able to pull data out of our EHI program called Alayacare.  It's a straight CSV file.  I have to move these values into Zoom test import file to bulk upload external contacts.  The problem with this is that the CSV file format does not like +'s and I am having difficulty formatting the CSV file phone number to E.164 format (+15415555555).  Does anyone have any tips because I have to deal with this everytime that I import contacts.


The Zoom external contact system won't accept the CSV import if the phone number is NOT in the E.164 format.





Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello @ITMan318 

The E.164 format, strictly speaking doesn't requires to have a "+" sign prefixing the number; it is simply the "Country Code + Area Code (if exist) + Subscriber number", and the "+" sign is prefixed just to indicate that an "International dialing code" must be prefixed to complete the call because that varies from country to country i.e., 011, 00, etc.

If you check Zoom Documentation you will see Zoom indicates the "+" is not needed, so excluded and you should be fine.


"CSV requirements

When importing or updating contacts, make sure your CSV file meets these requirements:

  • Do not delete the first row with the field names.
  • For the Phone Number field, make sure the phone number contains the following (don't use spaces or dashes):
    1. Country code (preceding plus sign is not needed)
    2. Area code
    3. Phone number"

Here is the original article's link:  🌐 Bulk importing contacts to an address book 


Please try it and let me know.