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All Poly VVX phones suddenly offline Jan 17 - Can we view firmware upgrade logs somewhere?


I encountered an issue yesterday afternoon where all of our Poly VVX 450 phones went offline with the message "URL calling is disabled".  After some research, I found that all of the phones with a device (usually PC) connected to the phone's downstream ethernet switch port had reverted to the native VLAN, despite having an IP config for my voice VLAN.  This rendered the phones effectively offline and unable to reach the internet.  


I didn't have any network config changes applies for weeks.  I was using LLDP-MED to direct Poly phones to a voice VLAN while allowing the downstream switchport devices to use the native VLAN.  


The only thing I can think of is that there was a firmware update to my phones that went out Wednesday afternoon (~4pm ET).  Can we view firmware update logs for desk phones anywhere?  Can support provide this?  This page described a firmware being released on Jan 14, which although not the same date, is suspiciously recent.  


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi csb1,


you might find the when an individual poly vvx 450 firmware was updated by looking at its support information package logs.


Retrieve Logs from the Support Information Package
You can export Support information Package (.tar file) using the Web Configuration Utility.
The support information package includes the following log files:
• pbu file
• app log file
• boot log file
• audit log file
1 Log in to the Web Configuration Utility as an Administrator.
2 Go to Diagnostics > Download Support Information Package.
3 Unzip the .tar file to view the log files. 


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thanks,  eliot