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transfer ownership/license


I recently bought a Pro license for Zoom, but I want to transfer this license to another account. 


Changing the account owner – Zoom Support

Here, I read I need to "Click Change Owner" in "Account Profile" section, but I do not see a button with such a label.


I do not want this license on this account. I just want to transfer this license to another account without adding them to my account.


Zoom Employee
Zoom Employee

Hi @Poorang_Sh, welcome to the Zoom community! Do you meet the prerequisites for changing the account owner? I just want to make sure before I provide additional support since only the account owner can change the account owner and admins are not able to make this change. 

I am the account owner of a Pro account and I wish to transfer ownership to another person. Like Poorang, above, I can not find  "Change Owner" in Account Profile. Please help.

Hi there

It took you more than 6 weeks to respond and I had forgotten the thread.

By the way, I am the owner of both accounts.

I need to change ownership of my company's Pro account. I tried going to acct mgmt/acct profile/owner but there is no change owner button.

I tried going to user mgmt/users/add users - but can only add a user if I purchase more licenses.

I tried talking to live chat and was told my account does not provide live chat support - though I used live chat support in December.

I had another zoom Pro account for a non-profit association under a different email and easily changed ownership in December. Has zoom changed the rules so that is no longer an option for Pro accounts? And have they taken live chat support away from Pro accounts?




I (jejubenhur) is original account owner of Pro version.  And i want to transfer ownership to 'leeyt23'.
I read a few guide at internet and pressed this and that button.
Now, current status is as below.
jejubenhur : Administrator    type : Basic
leeyt23 : Owner   type : Use allowed.

My questions 
1) Seeing above status, jejubenhur successfully transferred ownership to leeyt23?
      If Yes, then leeyt23 should be able to use zoom longer than 40 minutes.  
      But leeyt 23 says he can still use up to 40 minutes only.
2) leeyt23 says that he sees message below at his zoom screen
     "If you are trying to access zoom at new device, input password number XXXXXXX".
      (In fact, this message appeared just before I switched 'type' to 'Use allowed'.  Before, it was 'Basic')
     And leeyt23 does not understand what to do. 


Appreciate if someone gives me idea what to do.
Many thanks.


Is there an answer to this? Your support number keeps giving me a busy signal and nothing on your website details how to do this myself.