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finding a recording


I was on a zoom meeting using my chromebook. i recorded it, but have no idea where the recording is located. i googled how to and it read to go to my documents section of my laptop. i dont have a documents section and what i could find, it is not there. I also read to log into zoom, go to recordings, hit local recordings then hit open. when i hit local recordings i receive this message:


Local recordings are listed only for meetings that were recorded while using a supported version of the client. Verify that your client has been upgraded to a supported version before you start the meeting. The supported versions are:

  • Windows: Version 4.0.25513.0228 or later
  • Mac: Version 4.0.25513.0228 or later

Does this mean there is no recording? what else can i try?



I am having the exact same problem except that I can see the recording in my documents. But it is not listed on the recording page so I have no link to share to the other participants and the video is too large to send as an attachment.