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breakout rooms - automatic match/pair

Hello Everyone,
I am just wondering if you could help me to work out on one of the Zoom's features. Let me please try to explain what is the question about and than please let me know if you able to help out.
I would like to make a Zoom session for group of 20 people. Half of the group (10 people) is advanced and in the other half are beginners (10 people). During the session I would like to make breakout rooms (two people per room) but I would like to match randomly one person who is advanced with one person who is a beginner. I know how to do it manually but my question is if you could advise me how to do it automatically?
Let me also mention what is the reason behind that I am looking for the automatic match beginners with advanced rather that manual one. The session takes about 2 hours and there are about 5 different activities where I would like one random beginner to be with one random advanced person. So instead of manually creating 5 times breakout rooms (I would not like the same people be constantly in the same pairs so I would need to spend time to create new rooms per any activity)  I would like Zoom to do it for me - creating random match without me spending time on it. 
I hope my message is clear enough to understand my intention hidden behind.
If you not sure or you would like to ask any questions please let me know. I am very happy to explain whatever needs to be explained more.
My best regards

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

It is possible to automate breakout rooms, but not directly in Zoom. This process can be done with a Zoom App such as Twine ( However, you might want to reconsider doing it manually for such a small group since the app is $990/yr.


Here is what I have done in this situation - I have everyone add a letter or number to their name. Maybe B for Beginner and A for Advanced (or 1 or 2). Then I have Zoom do the randomized breakout rooms, then I skim through and adjust to ensure the mix of one of each in each room. Having it in their name (ideally at the beginning of their name) makes it a little quicker/smoother/clearer.