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Zoom still logged in to account after sign out and sign in to other account in windows


I have a Windows 10 machine that has separate windows accounts.  I want to run one zoom account in one windows account and a different zoom account in the other windows account. When I keep zoom logged in and log out of the windows account and log into the other windows account it is still logged into the previous windows account zoom.  How come?  Can't I have this work where each windows account as it's separate account without logging out? 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @cptkirkh.


I agree that the behavior you describe isn't ideal, but it's likely due to some detail in the installation procedure.


Consider using the new capability of logging into multiple accounts, and switching between them:


This functionality was introduced in November, 2023. See this Zoom Release Notes for Windows for the feature addition notice: 

This article describes the process for various operating systems: 

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