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Zoom sessions


Hi There, I have a use case, please help me with this

  1. Let's assume the host schedules a meeting for 1 hour
  2. host starts the meeting and lets participants join the meeting
  3. after 30 minutes of the session host end the meeting
  4. Now participants should not see the "join meeting" link (because host already ended the meeting)

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Sorry, but the Join link isn’t aware of the status of the meeting. It is a static link, and will always be accessible in the email invitation. Only when a user clicks the link will the status of the meeting be checked, and the user should be notified if the meeting is not in priced, or no longer exists. 

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Thanks for your reply.


Here, let me tell you that I am using moodle based LMS and where I integrated zoom API so the join link is changed to button here and I need to disable that button after end of the meeting from host side.