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Zoom iPad joining a meeting, mute/unmute notification sound


Hello all,


I’m on iOS 17.2 and since my update this week, there’s now an automatic notification sound when I join a meeting, if I un-mute or mute. I have checked all existing iPad and Zoom settings and cannot see where this has changed - my web settings remain the same. 


This must be an iPad issue because using an Android mobile phone Zoom app with the same account, the chime doesn’t occur. It’s not the same sound as “doorbell”, when a participant joins or exists a meeting as this is turned off.

I’ve silenced all iPad sounds and under IPad Settings > Notifications (Apps) > Zoom > Sounds, toggling this off made no difference.

Has anyone encountered the same issue? If so, please can you share how to turn this off. I use Zoom daily on the iPad, but without this changing, it’ll be untenable.  Thank you in advance.