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Zoom Causes Windows Screen Updates to Slow and Programs to Hang


I'm on Windows 10 with the latest updates and the latest zoom Version: 5.17.11 (34827). I have set a frame update rate of 10 fps.


The issue occurs when you are sharing your screen (probably windows also) and you have low bandwidth, rather than drop frames it slows the computer and holds up presumably those programs that are making screen updates.  Zoom is not sending screen updates but has somehow inserted itself into the screen update process itself.  I do not have the same issue in the same circumstances when not sharing the screen.


I have seen it slow my powerful Windows computer with huge bandwidth at home as well but my laptop and I are currently on holidays.


As I am teaching an Android smartphone course, I use a great open-source program called "ScrCpy" to mirror the screen over USB to my Windows Computer.  I first noticed that what my computer's screen was showing was lagging many seconds!  I later noticed that the phone itself was lagging and in one case even hung.


I'm not sure what the logic of telling all my participants that I had low bandwidth but not telling me that vital information is.


Zoom won't accept bug reports from me and I think that helps explain it's many "features" (I have a host key but not a licence).



I'm using Windows 10 and Zoom 6.0.11 update, and am seeing screen freezes of other participants. Never had this problem before. I just updated to a new Modem today and hope those issues go away.