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Zomm Controls Keeps Popping Up (Alt key works but not permanent)


* Zoom is all in full screen and in the main meeting (not in breakout room)

* I have more than 1 monitor

* I am the Host or Co-host

* Zoom has at least one breakout room aside from the main room

* Always show meeting control [unchecked]


Purpose: Video Broadcast Mixing

Situations where I encounter the problem:


1. When my mouse  is on top of zoom, pressing ALT key hides the controls but as soon as I move my mouse out of the zoom, the controls pops back.


2. I click the zoom window, move my mouse to another monitor and press ALT key. This hides the control but once you hover the mouse back to Zoom, it automatically pop the controls back. This will be seen in the broadcast mix.


3. Opens the Participant Window, Breakout Rooms Window, Meeting Chat window on top of the Zoom Gallery View so that I can hover my mouse without hovering the Gallery View. This seems absurd since it is covering my view to some participants.


4. It pops up randomly even when not hovering the zoom.