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What do I need to record audio + video for in person conference sessions?


How can I optimally record in-person conference presentations with Zoom? We need to record the sessions to be shared post-conference.`

1. How do I use screen share to view the room + record? Do I need an external camera? What is the optimal mic setup for individual speakers + a panel of speakers, and how do I connect the audio for the best quality audio + video?

2. What else is required/how does the configuration change if I also live stream the sessions?

Thank you.



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

It is not clear what is being attempted in item 1. You are asking very basic production questions that anyone with TV production experience can answer. If you do not want to spend time learning the basics of the software I would suggest finding some one experienced in TV production that is familiar with Zoom.

Zoom has a record function that can be configured numerous ways. Zoom can also send a stream to Youtube and to Facebook.