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Video recording shows small participant images during screen shares


My company is having problems with the participant 'filmstrip' changing to a much smaller size during screen shares for our video recordings even though this area is set to a larger size during the recording and we see it as larger.  We primarily utilize the desktop client on Windows 10 or 11.


Our investigations indicate that adjusting the bar that separates the participant area from the screenshare area can help but still doesn't reflect the ratio we see on our screens.  Also, when another participant shares their screen, the participants videos/the strip of videos, resets to a smaller size.  Is there a method to ensure a consistent participant view size throughout the recording, preventing it from shrinking excessively?  





Hi @rgstraining thank you for posting for the first time, and welcome to the Zoom Community!


Please submit a request to Zoom Support so that our teams can use troubleshooting logs to help resolve this issue. From Zoom Support: Zoom gallery view showing small video and image sizes of participants issue

Carla (she/her/hers)
Zoom Community Team
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