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Used Zoom for years w NP - Now whenever I load Zoom it lags, freezes, and becomes unusable.


Pretty much nothing about my setup has changed from one day to the next.

My system does not need more RAM, meets the minimum reqs by about 100x, etc.


It just seems that for years Zoom worked perfectly fine and then one day I loaded it up it freezes my whole computer. Everything I try to do has about 10-15 seconds of lag... whenever I close the program (I have to control + alt + delete because I cannot even click the exit button), it automatically restarts itself like a zombie and locks everything up again.


I use virtual meetings about 15 hrs per week... with no way to contact Zoom support or any offer of a fast resolution, I will be looking for a different video conferencing software if I cannot figure out a resolution in the next 48 hours.


If there are any miracle workers out there, now's your time to shine.