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Unable to share audio with split audio channels, Left and Right. Participant still hears both.


I'm assisting a user who is creating an audio test for participants with hearing disabilities.


We have a set of audio tracks that have the audio split in separate channels, Left and Right. When they are played on a computer, they play properly: with certain sounds going to one ear, and other sounds going to the other ear.


When this sound is shared over Zoom, the split audio is audible in both ears. Now, the unintended audio is softer/lower than the intended audio, but it should not be audible at all and it is.


I've ensured both the host and participants have sharing/audio at sound+stereo (high fidelity) and I set auto processing to Off (Windows-Raw), but there is no change.


I've tried all the different audio profiles, but no change.


Audio intended to go to the left ear is still audible in the right ear, and vise versa.


Thank you for any help.