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Unable to set power point as virtual background


Hello, I'm having trouble trying to set my presentation as a virtual background on zoom, I use Microsoft office but it says it requires PowerPoint to be installed on this computer. I'm not sure how that works because I'm unable to download PowerPoint as a separate application due to Microsoft office being an all-inclusive platform with all of its apps. I've tried downloading the presentations to my hard drive as a pptx and an odp file but that didn't change anything. I'd love to be able to use this feature to present information in a neat uncluttered format that doesn't require me to be a box in a corner. 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @Christiang ,

For some reason I'm not able to see your screenshots (that you attached to your question); the Community site is acting up and doesn't show when clicking on them. But based on what you sayed I wonder if you have MS Office locally installed on the machine. How do you use Office apps, such as Word or PoerPoint itself? Does it open in a browser?
Nowadays there are many people that have MS Office online only and don't install the actual apps locally on the machine. You can search for the PowerPoint program by simply typing PowerPoint in the search box (both Windows and macOS have a search box, usually in the taskbar/dockbar). If you get no results, or the results are a web page (accessed via browser) then that confirms the issue.

Note that Sharing slides as a Virtual Background is only available on Windows or Mac machines (see the Presenter requirements sub-section).

If there's any additional info or additional questions you might have, don't hesitate to comment further.


yes, it's a web browser and I use windows. but even when I looked in the Microsoft store it doesn't allow me to download PowerPoint by itself.  these are the photos you couldn't see in the previous post








Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Yeap, it is correct. You can't install PowerPoint locally on its own, you need to install Office, hence the reason in your last screen you see the bottom part saying Included in and then the 3 MS Office packages that are listed as free.

If you click on the any of them you should get the option to download locally. When installing Office you can customize the process and select to install only PowerPoint, to prevent using space for Word, Excel and all other apps included in the package.
Then it would work.

For your reference this is what I have on the Microsoft Store (and it lists the currently installed version on my Windows 10 machine):


Hope this helps.