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Unable to hear participant using interpretation & mute original audio


I was in a zoom meeting using interpretation and the "mute original audio" feature. At one point, I could tell that someone had said something because others were responding to them, but I could not hear them. I have encountered this before when using "mute original audio" if the person talking has not selected a language channel and was able to solve them problem by asking everyone to always select a channel. However, in this case, the person I could not hear was apparently in the same language channel as I was, but I still could not hear. Others who were not using the "mute original audio" feature could hear the speaker just fine. Is there a solution to this issue, or does it just mean that we should never use the "mute original audio" option since it causes these problems?



If you are running zoom versions after september 2020, don't use 'mute original audio' anymore.
The interpretation features in zoom are good updated, and from version 5.9 way better.
So if you are Spanish. Select, stay, and speak on the Spanish channel, and don't turn on 'mute original audio'
Thats the best solution.


@ecrowell the "mute original speaker" function does exactly what you described. If the person LISTENING to the interpretation selects the option "mute original speaker" then he will not hear the main/original speaker NO MATTER who is speaking. The listener will only hear the Interpreter on the language channel that the Interpreter is speaking on.

This setting  is not effected by the channel that the main speaker is on. 


My suggestion is that no one uses this option, as it gets users/attendees/listeners confused!

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