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Tool Bar Issues in Mac Sonoma 14.4.1


Since upgrading to Sonoma, I have lost access to sub-menus on the meeting control bar. I can access *most* options by right clicking in the window, but have lost access to breakout rooms, and other options in the "more" button on the right.
Briefly for a day or two all menus were accessible when I updated Zoom. SInce then, though, subsequent updates have made the menus inaccessible (they appear briefly but disappear before I can click on one).
I have done all the things multiple times...uninstalled and reinstalled zoom twice, taken all the updates, checked permissions (camera and mic are working fine) and rebooted multiple times.
I can't find any info on this issue beyond what I've done. Surely I'm not the only one with this issue? Also, can't figure out how to reach zoom tech support. Can't seem to get beyond the chat bot.
Ideas anyone?