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This site can’t be reached


Whenever I try to log in to a meeting with Zoom from my calendar, where it opens the web link before trying to open my desktop app, I get the following message: 

This site can’t be reached’s server IP address could not be found.

If I try directly from the app, it says the meeting host can't be reached or that the meeting room must be incorrect. 
It's not every time, but it's most times that I can't get into Zoom for a scheduled meeting, or can be 5-10 minutes late for a meeting.
I have tried any and all options and alternative that the options say to try (proxy, firewall, DNS), and nothing changes. The only thing that works is to just wait a few minutes and keep clicking refresh, and eventually the stars align and the refresh works. However, this is really impacting my ability to attend business meetings professionally. 
Any advice on how I can stop this happening?