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Screen sharing and 2 cameras at the same time


Is there any way to both share files or videos and use 2 cameras at the same time? There is a class I attend that is available both in person and over Zoom. The people taking the class over Zoom cannot see or easily hear the people who are physically in the class room because the instructor needs to face everyone as well as his monitor to run the class, therefore the built-in camera faces the instructor and not the class. A second camera would allow the Zoom students to see the physical classroom students but then the instructor wouldn't be able to share the course slides and videos with the Zoom students. Being able to use 2 cameras (one pointing to the instructor and one pointing the physical class would work if the instructor could also share the course materials at the same time). Is there a solution to this problem?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Is the classroom a Zoom Rooms system or just running Zoom Client like a non-room participant? Zoom Rooms can support multiple simultaneous cameras and are specifically designed for shared spaces such as your classroom.

Plain-old Zoom Client will allow you to select a second camera as shared content, but you won't be able to then share your screen/videos simultaneously.

If you are adverse to procuring a Zoom Rooms license, you can also try an intermediary solution like OBS, ManyCam, vMix, etc to 'construct' a virtual webcam that incorporates both of your webcams in a split-screen view and sends them to Zoom as a single camera. Lots of options here.