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Scheduling recurring meetings


I need to schedule a Board meeting on the first Wednesday of the month for the entire year. I know how to do that, but there is one month that the meeting falls on the third Wednesday, and another month where the meeting is held two days in a row. Is it possible to schedule in this way,? Thank you!



You can start a meeting that's scheduled for tomorrow today. The only difference the schedule for recurring meetings actually makes is when they show up as "Upcoming," and the text that will show up it the canned invitation. Edit the invitation, and start the meeting when you need to.

Thank you, but I don't think that answers my question. I need to set up the meetings for the year in Zoom. Then I connect the Zoom schedule to our company's Google Calendar and send Calendar Invites to all attendees from there. So, won't the dates and times need to be accurate in Zoom to populate the Google Calendar and the invites? It's great that I can start the meeting ahead of when it's scheduled, but it's also about coordinating calendars outside of Zoom. Sounds like it would be better for me to set up as many consecutive months of meetings as possible, then set up individual meetings for the months that fall out of the "every first Wednesday" pattern. Unless you have any other advice? Thank you!

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

If you already have the Google Calendar integration configured, and have the Zoom scheduler extension installed, then I believe you can start by creating your year long recurring meeting for each month, and save that without adding emails to the invites, yet. Then go individually adjust the exception months. Then go edit the recurring meeting for all instances and add those to the invite list, and click on "Make it a Zoom".

I'm pretty sure this workflow would produce what you are looking to accomplish.

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Jeff Widgren | Host of the Zoom Test Kitchen