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Quit Zoom with keyboard shortcut


I apologize in advance as this post has some anger accumulated because of the Zoom app.  


Zoom doesn't let you quit the app the way other apps do, nor does it offer a keyboard-shortcut for that.

It doesn't quit when you click the X in the corner.  Nor does it quit when you hit the regular Alt+F4 like the other apps do.

In regards to a keyboard shortcut, I've looked around the Zoom app, and haven't been able to do it from within the keyboard. 


I guess most people are comfortable with using the mouse, and don't mind an extra right-click -> Quit Zoom.  Even more, the majority won't mind the app running in the background consuming their RAM.


However, I do like to keep my desktop organized whilst choosing the apps that I like to run;  thus I'm upset with Zoom doing what Microsoft does, to force their app open in my desktop.  

What upsets me the most, is not having an option to change this behavior. 


If other people get upset by this, give an upvote and maybe Zoom will hear us. 
Thank you for your attention.



happens to me sometimes

Community Moderator | Employee
Community Moderator | Employee

Hi @Diego-MX! Thanks for sharing this, and I appreciate you explaining how a keyboard shortcut would be helpful. Currently, our product team reviews all feature requests submitted via our feedback form  I highly encourage you to submit your idea!

Zoom Community Team
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