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Presenter View mode lagging


I am trying to set up a powerpoint slide show to share over zoom. I have practiced & recorded it to see how it goes. Whenever I use "presenter view" on powerpoint, so that I can see my notes, the version that attendees see over zoom is very laggy. Each slide advancing is a jumble of images from the past slide, and it takes a while for the zoom display to catch up with the slide I am sharing. I have no videos or animations in my presentation, just images and text. When I share with full screen or window mode, but not in "presenter view" everything is fine. What is the problem?


I am using a mac, if that helps.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Could be a bug or underpowered/overloaded computer. Process of elimination will be your best friend.


  1. Can a colleague replicate the issue on another Mac running the same version of Zoom?
  2. Are you able to re-create the issue on a different version of Zoom? With a different version of PPT?
  3. Are you running any CPU and/or memory-intensive applications alongside Zoom? Have you rebooted recently?
  4. What do statistics look like (Settings->Statistics) when you're sharing in this way? Does the computer appear to be struggling?


Answers to these questions will help to inform next steps.


I am having the same issue. Did you have any luck fixing it?