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Potential Client Having trouble Registering for my Zoom event/meeting


Greetings Community- thanks in advance for your help!   I am hosting an International Pilates Day Celebration (meeting/class) a potential participant sent a message with screenshot showing the message she received when she was unable to register...

she wrote "it wouldn't take my email" & the screenshot shows in a red box the message from Zoom "This meeting is for authorized registrants only. Please enter another email address.".

How do I help her? 

When I tried registering with my extra email address, I had no problem.

Thank you for helping me to help her!

Screenshot she sent in messenger 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @1exRockette 

Similar problem statement has been discussed in the community - can you please take a look in to this article and let me know if it solves your issue or not. ?


Solved: "This meeting is for authorized attendees only" wh... - Zoom Community


Enabling Only authenticated users can join meetings from Web client (


Hope this helps - Happy to help further!!
Thank you very much and have a great one!
Warm regards


Thank you Humashankar! I guess I can try turning that protection off & see, however it seems as if the conversations in this article are about people being unable to join the meeting, whereas my problem is with people just trying to register to attend the meeting.