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Poor Video Call Quality and Call Drop Issues During Zoom Meetings on Intel Evo Laptop - Seeking Solu


Hello Everyone,


I'm encountering persistent issues during Zoom meetings on my Intel Evo-certified laptop, and I'm seeking guidance and assistance from the community to address these challenges.


Issue Description:

During Zoom meetings, I've been experiencing two primary issues:


Poor Video Call Quality: The quality of video during Zoom calls is consistently subpar, characterized by pixelation, blurry visuals, and occasional freezing or lagging. This affects both incoming and outgoing video streams, making communication less effective.


Call Dropouts: There have been frequent instances where the Zoom call abruptly drops or disconnects, disrupting the flow of the meeting and necessitating reconnection.


Specifics of My Setup:


I'm using an Intel Evo-certified laptop, which is up to date with the latest system updates and drivers.

These issues seem to persist only during Zoom meetings, as other video call platforms don't exhibit similar problems, indicating a potential software-specific concern.

Troubleshooting Attempts:


I've ensured a stable and high-speed internet connection specifically for Zoom meetings.

Checked for updates and ensured the Zoom application is running on the latest version.

Verified that the laptop's drivers and system software are updated.

Request for Assistance:

If anyone has encountered similar challenges specifically during Zoom meetings on their Intel Evo laptops or has expertise in troubleshooting video call quality and call dropout issues, I'd greatly appreciate your insights.

Any specific settings adjustments, configurations within Zoom, or laptop-related tweaks that could improve the video call quality and prevent call dropouts would be immensely helpful.

This forum thread aims to gather collective knowledge and potential solutions from the community to resolve these persistent issues during Zoom meetings on Intel Evo-certified laptops.


Thank you in advance for your support and contributions!


Best regards,