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Participant Video during File Sharing


On the newest version of Zoom for iOS from April 25th, 2024, while sharing a URL or a PDF file through Safari or Google Drive, the video in the corner of the screen of my participants or my own video for that matter is no longer visible.  


Up until now, on all versions of Zoom for iOS from since I started using Zoom in 2020, by default my participants' video would be visible on the bottom right corner of the screen.


I'm not sure if this is a bug or is fixable.  It is quite inconvenient. 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Not sure what device you are using or how you are proceeding, but when I correctly share a URL on an iPad I can see the participants showing as shown in the attached image. But they do not appear on participant's screen.

Screen Sharing Presenter View is off

Screen sharing using "Website URL" (not screen)

If you are sharing the screen then participants will show along with all Zoom windows, but will be minimized when minimizing the Zoom window to see the iPads icons.


I have same problem, I only see my video when Sharing my documents, I Can’t see any participants videos, not happen for old vision 

I have the same problem and can’t get a human on support. Support bot is useless


I am having the exact same problem and the support bot is completely useless. Zoom needs to find a fix for this immediately!! This is very problematic for my Zoom meetings for work. I HAVE to be able to see the participants for my meetings to work properly.