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Outlook Calendar / Zoom New Event Bug


I'm having a weird bug that I'm trying to solve. For context, my zoom is integrated with my outlook mail/calendar. I also have it on the setting where it was automatically generate a zoom meeting link when I create new events.


From outlook calendar, I hit "NEW EVENT" to start to draft up a new meeting invite. As soon as I add a guest, like within seconds of adding a team member's email into the invitees section of the form, a zoom meeting is created and shows up in my zoom calendar as a new event that's happening in 5 minutes. I haven't even had a chance to put in the correct day and time yet or actually send out the meeting invite.


So I am constantly having to delete zoom meetings from the zoom app homepage "upcoming meetings" area because it's filling up with meetings with incorrect times that are just drafts. 


I hope this makes sense? Basically, every time I open a new event, before I can actually create it, a zoom meeting is created automatically and shows incorrect times/dates and is always starting in 5 minutes from when I even just OPENED a draft calendar invite. 


Anyone know what could be happening?



having the EXACT same issue. If you come across any other posts with a solution please let me know. Also are you on a macbook? Every user that has the same issue at my company is on a mac.


This is likely due to a bug in the integration logic. You have a few options. You could update the meetings in both places each time and remove the redundant meetings. There is also a Zoom marketplace app, Salepager, built for scheduling Zoom meetings that integrate with both Outlook and Zoom correctly. 


Hello there!

I'm sorry for the late response. We have released a new version 6.1.1 kindly update your app and would also advise using the Outlook Add-in, it allows you to manage scheduling within the Outlook web and desktop apps.

The add-in can be deployed and configured by Outlook admins and, once installed by users, it allows you to 
add a Zoom meeting to a new or existing Outlook calendar event

Have a great day!

Hi this issue still occurs on 6.1.1 and it is occuring via the outlook add in, just drafting up an outlook meeting and adding a zoom via the add in adds a zoom meeting to my zoom calendar automatically. Prior to me saving anything and even if I discard the draft. This happens to everyone on a mac within our company.  

Thank you for letting us know, @NUE.

Our engineers are actively addressing the issue. At this time, we don't have an estimated timeframe for the resolution, but please be assured that resolving this is currently their top priority. We will provide updates as soon as they become available.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. 


Hello everyone,

We just received an update from our engineering team.

The issue has been pinpointed and will be resolved in the release scheduled for 7/22.

We greatly appreciate your patience with this.