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On a Dell 24 Video Conferencing Monitor I C2422HE C Series monitor Mic Drop via USB C dell xps


The microphone keeps cutting out during Zoom calls, regardless of the device used, whether it's the Dell 24 Video Conferencing Monitor speakerphone, Polycom/Dell Premier Wireless ANC Headset, or Plate_number_1/Plantoric wireless headset. All of these devices were used with a Dell Latitude 9430 running Windows 11 Enterprise. Have you experienced this issue before?

After checking the microphone settings in Zoom and ensuring device drivers were up to date, I installed the latest BIOS for the laptop. The issue persisted even after trying a different desk with the same laptop.

Any Ideas? The laptop is connected to the monitor through USB-C. I am using the monitor's speaker bar and a headset via a USB-A dongle.